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How to Wear Freedom Bra (aka Silicone Bra) - Freedombra.Net

Getting ready for your prom party, with a beautiful fairy land backless dress? And worried about which how to wear a freedom bra?

Worry not because here are few easy steps and tips about how to wear a freedom bra for your back less dresses, off shoulder dresses etc.

How to wear a Silicone Freedom Bra

Following are few easy steps you need to follow:             

  • Cleaning and dapping.
  • Use mirror.
  • Fixing of bra.
  • Angle adjustment.
  • Final finishing.


    Cleaning and Dapping:

    After taking a good warm shower clean your body thoroughly, make it complete dry especially the breast area and under boob. Remember not to apply any lotion, powder, perfume or make up on breast skin prior.

    Use mirror:

    You need to stand in front of mirror to make sure you wear it properly. It will be easy for you to adjust it according to your body by using mirror.

    Fixing of bra:

    Invert or flip each cup of freedom bra. Fix it on your desired area at desired angle. Once you are satisfied regarding area then press it so it can adhere your skin properly. Repeat the same procedure with other cup.

    Angle adjustment:

    It depends what you desire. If you wish for a deep cleavage then push it higher with bunny ear closer in the same way if you want a little push up look then place it under your boobs. It is easy but needs a little practice.

    Final finishing:

    Once you are sure you have achieved perfect angle and cleavage. Then comes smoothing out step, it’s a necessary step. Make sure to smooth it out by rubbing from center to sides so that no wrinkle etc is present on it. Wrinkles can be a spoiler.  

      Benefits to use silicone bra:

      Here are benefits you will achieve when you will use our bunny ear freedom bra:

      • Soft
      • Free to cut.
      • Breathable
      • Prevent under boob sweet.